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For all enquiries please contact us here:

Thank you for the message!

Notice: Please specify in the email the reason for contacting us, and include your message following that. If applicable, please use one or more of the following terms to assist us in directing your email:

  • Charities

  • Fan Club

  • Music Industry Professionals

  • Licensing

  • Event Booking And Concerts

  • Endorsements And Advertising

  • Magazines

  • Radio

  • News Media

  • Motion Picture And Television

Eric Gerbino's Licensing Agreements & Memberships

  • BMI

  • HFA (Harry Fox Agency)

  • HFA Mint & Foreign Representation

  • Touch Tunes Interactive Networks

  • Online Mobile Live, Inc.

  • Fremantle Media North America Video Streaming

  • LyricFind, Inc.

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