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Including Fun Facts And History



In August of 1971, pre-born Eric Gerbino attends his first concert which is the original Concert For Bangledesh at Madison Square Garden in New York City, starring it's hosts George Harrison and Ravi Shankar, as well as Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Billy Preston, Jim Keltner, Klaus Voorman, Jesse Ed Davis, Badfinger, Leon Russell. The other notable artists involved in rehearsals and those whom initially agreed to participate include John Lennon and Peter Frampton.


Yahweh brought Eric Gerbino into this chapter of life on December 26th 1971 in order to enjoy giving his Creator glory and have faith in His divine son Yeshua Jesus Christ and be led by the Holy Spirit to do His will for all eternity!


Eric was born on December 26, 1971 as a True Hermaphrodite, a very rare Intersex condition. Eric had infant genital surgery within three days of being born.


Eric had the enjoyable opportunity to be a cast member of the popular 1970's kid show called Romper Room, and later also had the chance to go on the Sesame Street set and meet all of the cast members.



Fun times and great memories for Eric back in the day at the Church of the Nazarene in New Milford, New Jersey with family and family friends, including but not limited to the awesome Don McCracken and Hugh McCracken tandem! And a fun fact involving the ultra musically talented McCracken brothers, is that Eric's mom went to school with them when they were teenagers in Hackensack, New Jersey, and hung out with them at their house with their friends.


Eric Gerbino's dad's cousin whom worked for the legendary rock group The Doobie Brothers invited Eric and his immediate family to attend one of their farewell tour concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York City where Eric had the opportunity to enjoy front row seats right where the band entered and exited the stage and to meet them after the concert!


Eric Gerbino is personally invited to and attends the famous Les Paul birthday party at the NYC Hard Rock Café where many other notable music legends enjoyed celebrating the illustrious career achievements of personal family friend the great Les Paul.



Eric is personally invited to participate in and attends the ridiculously enjoyable week-long Tin Machine medley MTV world premiere video shoot in New York City, along with David Bowie, Reeves Gabrels, Tony Sales, Hunt Sales, and an intimate gathering of really cool people eager to put on a memorable performance and an even more memorable hang of a fun time.


Fun Facts


Including "Did You Know?"

Top left: Eric's Great-Great-Grandmother's Sister, Carrie Manier. Top right: Eric's Great-Great-Grandmother, Margaret Helen Manier. Bottom left: Eric's Great-Great-Great Grandmother, Josephine Manier. Bottom right: Eric's Great-Great-Great Grandfather Joseph Manier. Photograph Date Circa 1880's.

Eric grew up very close with his Great-Great-Grandmother's three daughters, Louella Barlow-Picinich (Eric's Great-Grandmother), Ethel Barlow, and Pearl Barlow.

EG USA History Fact

Eric is a direct bloodline relative to George Manierre and Benjamin Manierre. The Honorable Judge George Manierre is one of the most respected and one of the most significant judges in United States history. Judge Manierre was President Abraham Lincoln's judge whom presided over Mr. Lincoln's cases prior to his presidency when he was an Illinois attorney. Together, they were the chief founding members of the Republican Party.

Commissioner Benjamin Manierre was the first New York City Police Commissioner, along with three other gentlemen. Mr. Benjamin Manierre also was the head of President Abraham Lincoln's New York campaign committee and the man who was a principle in funding Mr. Lincoln's New York campaign and drafting and organising his speech and campaign that literally won Abraham Lincoln the presidency. NYPD Commish Manierre was also a NY state Senator and one of the founding members of the world famous and highly successful YMCA.


Photographs from the 19th century and of the 20th century of the Manierre family and the Barlow family, including Eric's beloved Great-Grandmother's mom and her sister, and their parents will be displayed right here on this page in the coming days, so do please keep a look out for them!

EG Italian History Fact

Eric's Italian history and European history is just as fascinating as his American history. In the mid to late 1800's, Eric's Great-Great-Grandfather Cataldo Gerbino was elected as the first mayor of his hometown of Campobello Di Licata in Agrigento, Sicilia; earning him the title of one of the first elected executive government officials in the newly chartered nation of Italia.

Eric Gerbino also has many European Counts (and maybe even Countesses!) in his European family history.

EG Educational Fact

Eric was fortunate to attend the Dumont school system in his hometown of Dumont, New Jersey, which at the time during the 1970's and 1980's was one of the leading top ranked school systems in the United States that provided the same quality of extraordinary academics on the level of most respected colleges and universities.


There, in high school, Eric's main concentration of study was in business, such as Typing - where Eric is known for typing upwards of well over one hundred words per minute (which we find almost as impressive as his 90% basketball streetball free throw shooting back in those days ha ha - it's true!), and Business Law - where Eric has a knack and a love for the retail environment. Eric also had four years of Architecture, which is another field he has a passion and love for. Eric's dad was a very talented certified architect throughout the 1970's.

In his senior year of high school, Eric chose Chorus as one of his electives, and to this day, he is more than appreciative of that incredible learning experience and for his relationship with his exceptionally gifted and colourful chorus teacher and wonderful classmates. Dumont High School was known for its well respected world renowned music programme.


High School fun facts include that Eric's grandfather Joseph Gerbino also attended high school at Dumont High School during his school days when he was a kid.

For higher education, Eric attended Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey. BCC was one of the highest ranked community colleges in the United States at the time. Eric only attended class for one semester, but he regards those few months as a significant experience that helped motivate him to yet another higher level in honing his craft. Eric's courses included Logic, Speech And Communication, and Radio Technology.


As an aside 'fun fact' about Eric's college tenure, when he picked Logic as one his courses, he thought it would be philosophical logic studies, but soon realised that it was mathematical logic, which he found to enjoy just as much!

Eric also attended Kovatt's School Of Real Estate, in Hackensack, New Jersey, located at the Bergen Mall; and though finding it to be incredibly challenging, he really enjoyed the experience of that education and to this day has a love for and an apprecation for real estate.

Dumont Rocks! Paramus Rocks! Hackensack Rocks!

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