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This is where you can find Eric Gerbino's scheduling information if you'd like to book him to either work with you in the studio or if you'd like him to perform for you on stage at a private show or concert venue.

Eric Gerbino

Genre: Pop Music, Dance Pop, R&B, Funk, Disco, Post Disco, Rock.

Associated Acts: David Bowie.

Demographic: Under 18, Over 18 (All Ages).


  • Vocals (Daily Rate, Studio Recording and/or Live Stage Performance): Ask For Price.

  • Guest Appearances (Daily Rate, For Signings, Guest Speaker, Interviews, Motion Picture Appearances, Television Appearances, Etc.): Ask For Price.

Rates for Eric Gerbino's a la carte custom music services are based on many factors, such as the uniqueness of services offered, availability in Eric's schedule, supply and demand, industry standards, etcetera. Charity events and services for charities are always welcome and always free of charge. The rates and specified terms on this page do not apply to charity services and for collaborations with other industry professionals. For more details, please contact us via email.


Vocal Studio Sessions And Vocal Live Performances

Contact us for Eric Gerbino's rate for vocal studio session performances. This service includes the base rate plus credits for work performed and a negotiable percentage on all royalties, not including the standard session musician royalties. The same rate applies for vocal live performances, as well as credits for work performed and a negotiable percentage on all royalties associated with Eric Gerbino's live vocal performance if the live event is used for post-performance non charity related profit.

This service and its starting out rate is for either studio sessions and/or live performances. The studio rate includes a maximum of five hours vocal tracking and/or performance (the actual amount of recorded vocals is negotiable), and a maximum of five hours vocal production assistance and vocal mix engineering, if necessary. The live performance rate includes a maximum of five hours in attendance at the venue including a negotiable amount of time for the live entertainment performance, meet and greet appearance, album and merchandise signings, and working with those involved with arrangement of the production. Riders vary and they are dependant upon many factors thus they are negotiable.

The process for attaining these services involves an initial email in order for pre-approval screening, and if accepted, a complimentary consultation interview is arranged between you and either Eric Gerbino or one of Eric Gerbino's management representatives or booking agents. If the requesting party or parties and the nature of the musical project is determined to be someone and something that Eric Gerbino is comfortable working with, then required down payment and contractual arrangements will be made for full payment and all services rendered. Rates and conditions for this service are subject to change.

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